Orthodontic Treatment for Kids at Orthodontics Ltd.

You have a wide variety of questions, and luckily for you we have answers. Will your child need braces? What kind of braces will they need? At what age should you bring them to the orthodontist? Every child is different, and we'll be sure to give you personalized care that will answer all of your questions.

Our doctors and staff have children of their own, so we know that first decade can be filled with hundreds of questions! Let us help you with a few of those and ease your mind when it comes to your child’s orthodontics. We recommend you schedule your child's first appointment at the age of seven, but we're here to answer any question at any age. At your first visit we'll evaluate how we can best serve your child. We'll look at facial balance, symmetry and growth. Each simple and quick test will allow us to configure an orthodontic plan to best suit you and your child.

We believe good results start with a good patient/doctor relationship. We were all kids once too, so we know that coming to see a doctor can be a unique and sometimes intimidating experience. We at Orthodontics Ltd. know that the key to maintaining a good relationship starts with making sure your child is comfortable with his or her treatment. We foster a fun, relaxed, and comfortable environment that will put our patients at ease and lead to the best care possible.

Common treatment options:


Following your first visit, we simply wait! About every six months or so we urge you to come back so we can decide when or if your child needs our care. Each visit will be just as easy as the first as we wait for all the adult teeth to show themselves. It’s basically a long game of hide and seek.

Best part of it all? These semi-annual checkups are completely free! We believe in the importance of planning ahead and monitoring your child’s progress. If treatment is decided upon, we'll discuss payment before you commit to anything.

Phase I Braces

In case of treatment, all children are unique. Typically, though, a few brackets are placed on key teeth that can often make a significant difference for incoming adult teeth. These brackets can help close up big spaces, adjust cross-bites and prevent a variety of things that could potentially harm the gums, teeth or bite. This stage is basically a braces quick fix followed by a retainer.


Slowly expand the jaws to make room for teeth while getting the back teeth into proper alignment...Don’t worry, during consultation we’ll explain further why, when, if, and how these are used.